An online shop for four-legged friends

December 2020


Ambrodogs is an independent pet-food brand that offers various dried meat products. The collaboration with the brand started from the customer’s need to increase its sales by exploiting online channels, leveraging the exceptional nutritional properties of the products. The activities we carried out were the creation of an image for Ambrodogs’ online presence and the development of its e-commerce, which allowed it to generate revenue despite the lockdown.

Services provided

Brand Strategy

eCommerce Creation

Content Marketing

The theme of travel as the leitmotif of communication

To support the construction of the brand’s online presence, we have created an editorial plan and realized the content for the Ambrodogs social pages.
As with the website, the themes of communication on social networks are those of travel and nature, in addition to the nutritional properties of products.

No problem.

The collaboration with Ambrodogs took place during the lockdown, in a context that made it impossible to meet physically for the realization of photoshooting.
The creation of content for social media is therefore based on the use of post-production and compositing.

Grafica pubblicitaria di un brand di alimenti per cani
Grafica realizzata per i social media di Ambrodogs


Marketing Strategy and eCommerce Creation


User Experience, User Interface & WordPress Development

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