Rhythm to the ‘Startup of music’


February 2022



Sounder is a social network created with the idea of connecting music lovers online and bringing them together at concerts. The collaboration with the startup stemmed from the client’s need for an effective landing page to use as a base of support for obtaining funding and stimulating growth at launch.

Services provided

User Experience (UI)

User Interface (UX)

Wordpress development
A Mobile-First
To meet the users on their most used device and realize an effective landing page we have adopted a mobile-first approach. We started by designing the mobile UI and then declining it into the other versions, creating a landing page able to keep the attention to every scroll on all types of devices.
Interfaccia della Landing page di Sounder realizzata da Fluido Factory
Interfaccia della Landing page di Sounder


Brand Strategy, eCommerce Creation and Content Marketing


Brand Strategy, Branding and eCommerce Creation

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