Who we are

Fluido Factory is a team of communication professionals and marketing experts with a common ambition: to help brands realize their potential by offering effective strategic solutions and creative forms of communication.

Our Story

Fluido Factory was born from the encounter between Antonio Martino and Edoardo Raviol in the classrooms of the European Institute of Design in Turin. In a stimulating environment, the two colleagues began to collaborate together right away, developing creative projects and making advertising video clips.
After finishing their studies, they gained a lot of experience working for numerous projects with different marketing agencies.
Guided by the dream of wanting to create a business that is different from the usual Marketing Agency, in 2019 they gave birth to Fluido Factory, a reality capable of fusing creativity, dynamism and actuality to the strategic and operational needs of nowadays companies.
Mole Antoneliana fotografata dal centro di Torino
Cartelloni pubblicitari

Our philosophy

Thinking outside the box by combining data with creativity is at the heart of how we work. Many businesses and marketing agencies focus only on traditional methods and do not want to look for alternative solutions. Our team’s international experience has taught us that finding the right solution requires looking at the problem from different perspectives. Therefore, our strategic solutions are original, eclectic, and adapt to the different contexts in which companies find themselves.

We offer companies structured paths aimed at results and not single marketing activities. We creatively and alternatively intuit the best combination of channels that can be integrated to a strategic plan.
We focus on our client’s mission and goals to formulate the winning strategy.

Are you a brand or a SME?

Tell us about your growth goals and we will bring your next communication project to life together.